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  • ILS - DH RevisedOne-Man SINATRA Show

    This is our most popular option!  Dave’s one-man Sinatra show is the perfect solution for smaller venues or events on a budget.  The package is completely self-contained featuring the best of Sinatra wrapped in black tie elegance.  And that fabulous Big Band sound comes alive with our state-of-the-art professional audio system.  You get big show excitement and dance-all-night fun at a very affordable price!
  • ILS - FD RevisedFrank & Dean Combo

    Enjoy the humor and nostalgia as "Frank and Dean" take center stage for one of the most fun-filled nights ever! It's fast-paced, non-stop entertainment as we recreate those legendary personalities and mesmerizing vocals in one spectacular show! Our Frank & Dean Combo is available with several options for band size and budget. With a cascade of comedy, antics and sensational showmanship, this duo is ideal anywhere fun is the theme.


  • ILS - RP RevisedRat Pack Fun!

    The act?  Strictly Rat Pack – Frank, Dean and Sammy.  It’s live!  It’s 18 karat fun, baby!  Your guests will get a night of unforgettable fun as we recreate those legendary personalities and mesmerizing vocals in one spectacular show!  The “Rat Package” is available in several band size and price level options.  You’ll have a gasser of a time - and a sound that will knock you right outta your Mary Janes!

  • ILS - LBB RevisedThe Little Big Band

    Here’s that brassy razzle-dazzle you want to impress your guests!  The Little Big Band delivers the full experience of an exciting live show with the affordability many clients desire.  Imagine “Frank” at the microphone as your guests fill the dance floor.  You can expect a big impact in a medium price range with a rich blend of full instrumentation!  Ideal for weddings, corporate events, fund raisers and more.

  • ILS - ORCH RevisedThe Great Big Band

    For the ultimate "wow factor" featuring all the energy and swinging sounds of a professional Big BandDave Halston's Great Big Band is the real thing - guaranteed to thrill your guests and leave them spellbound!  You’ll feel as if Sinatra, in his Big Band prime, is crooning the night away!     With musicians in black tie and vintage-style band stands to set the stage, your party won’t sit still when this sizzling spectacle is unleashed!

  • ILS - WED RevisedWEDDING Excitement!

    For a dazzling show that inspires rave reviews from wedding guests everywhere, this is the ultimate!  I LOVE SINATRA! - featuring the remarkable vocal styling of Dave Halston, is one of the top professional wedding acts in the nation. Always elegant and superbly entertaining – Dave and the band will thrill your guests with unforgettable "dance-all-night" fun!  And with the on-call personal service of our Party Team, you're assured peace of mind start to finish!

Dave Halston's Tribute to Sinatra!

When they wanted a singer worthy of Mrs. Frank Sinatra, they insisted on someone who naturally mirrored the sound and essence of her late husband.  For Barbara Sinatra, there was only one option:  Dave Halston.

Halston's brilliant Tribute to Sinatra and his audacious Rat Pack tribute shows are top-rated in the nation!  Not only has Dave delivered command performances for Mrs. Sinatra, he has also entertained Jeanne Martin (Dean's widow) and Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. 

Dave's shows are exciting and unforgettable.  More than an “impersonation”, Dave delivers a stunning “interpretation” of that familiar style and swagger. The resemblance is so remarkable that some insist he's lip-syncing.  And critics say the same thing again and again, “Just close your eyes and its Frank!”

In addition to showroom appearances across the country, Dave Halston is available for public and private events of all kinds - fundraisers, weddings, galas, country club and corporate events.  Whatever your occasion, this acclaimed performer will deliver a stunning tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes!  He is the "best of the best".

barbara-sinatra-review-1RAVE REVIEWS!

"A Wonderful Performance!"
   - Barbara Sinatra (Mrs. Frank Sinatra)

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