Will Do Anything to Get Him Back!

… “ I want to start by saying that we have hosted some wonderful performances at the theatre, including some award-winning musicians, but I have never seen our patrons so excited about a show as they were over Dave Halston. This morning, I got three calls from people who couldn't make the show last night, but had already heard from friends who were there what they missed. They all wanted to know if he would come back so they could have a second chance.

Dave's performance was absolutely amazing!  He was gracious, kind, understanding and just as sweet as he could be about everything. He is a joy to work with, we were absolutely honored to have him here, and we will do anything we need to do to get him back!

I hope he will be happy to know that we have now raised nearly $15,000 for theatre repairs so far, and we now have a grant sponsor who will match those donations, and everything else that comes in in January, dollar for dollar. Patrons last night made almost $2,000 in donations to the theatre's repair fund, and I got two more $500 donations this morning in the wake of Dave's performance last night! That means, with the grant match, we now have almost half of what we need to rebuild and repair the roof on the theatre!

Dave has given us a wonderful gift - a huge kickstart on this funding campaign for repairs, and we are truly grateful and humbled by his kind spirit and warm generosity.”

--Cheryl J. Eschenfelder
Board of Directors
Friends of Old Town Theatre

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